Food For All at the activity fair at the start of the Spring 2022 semester

Food for All was established in 2022, incorporating various pre-existing resources on campus, including the Campus Food Exchange (formerly the Campus Food Pantry), swipe drives, and COVID-19 quarantine food deliveries. It continues and expands these resources to serve students, faculty, and staff who may face issues of food access.

Campus Food Exchange

William & Mary’s Campus Food Pantry was founded in 2019 by a coalition of W&M students and staff. In 2022, its name was changed to the Campus Food Exchange to increase the inclusivity of this resource. In 2023, a satellite location was created in Sadler to increase the accessibility of this resource.

Swipe Drives

Each semester, we held a swipe drive at the dining halls on campus. In Spring 2022, students donated over 600 meal swipes. These swipes are added to a meal swipe bank created in collaboration with W&M Dining and Swipe Out Hunger so that, if a student needs extra meal swipes during the semester, they can easily receive 10 swipes on their Tribe Card. Drives were discontinued in 2023, but we are working to further distribute the swipes in the meal swipe bank.

If you need swipes, you can contact the Dean of Students Office or Campus Minister Max Blalock.

Food Delivery

During COVID, students and staff that ran the Campus Food Pantry partnered with William & Mary Student Assembly to delivery food to students quarantining with COVID. In 2023, the service restarted as a general Food Delivery service to those who cannot access the Food Exchange for any reason, including physical and mental illness, disability, lack of time or transportation, etc.

Campus Food Rescue

Food For All coordinates with catering and dining hall services at William & Mary to ensure that food is not wasted, especially at the beginning of breaks in the academic calendar. Additionally, we accept leftover food from events held by student organizations on campus. In 2023, we started accepting food from restaurants in the local community that would otherwise go to waste.

We are constantly adding new initiatives! Check our Instagram or join our mailing list and GroupMe by emailing foodforall@wm.edu to get updates about our latest projects.