Announcements After Impact Week

Happy Thursday. Welcome back from break. Below we have some updates and announcements: 

Last week we competed for funding during Impact Week, and *drum-roll please* we have been declared as the winner! This means that we will be granted $2,500 for the purchase of our new fridge. Thank you to everyone who supported our cause by tabling and voting. We couldn’t have done it without you. Stay tuned as big changes and new partnerships are coming!  

Tonight, instead of hosting our normal meeting, we will be attending a community discussion, “Food Insecurity in Our Community and Beyond” at 6:30 – 8. To register, the link is below:

Additionally, the meal swipe drive is scheduled next Tuesday, April 5th 2022. Please help us to collect swipes from students by volunteering below. Per University policy, each student can currently donate 1 swipe each. We need as many volunteers as possible, so all FFA members are encouraged to sign up and share the link with your other activity groups and anyone who may be interested!

Lastly, sign up to volunteer at the Food Exchange!

Have a great rest of your week!