Announcements Meetings

Elections this Wednesday!

We hope everyone’s week has started off on a good foot. We are in the final weeks of our semester! 

The Sadler Food Exchange is OPEN!! Its hours will match that of the Sadler building, and it is located in room 157, which is next to the Haven. Please make sure to share the word of this new resource with your classmates and community members. 

This Wednesday (4/19) we will be having elections @6 in Boswell Hall 1. This is our last general body meeting of the semester. If you’re interested in running for a position, please fill out this “intent to run” form. For elections, each candidate will have a 1 minute to speak to the group and votes will be done on paper.

We also need volunteers to join us for tabling on April 22 for the Student Assembly Earth Day Bash (! 

See everyone for our last meeting this Wednesday!