Welcome to Food for All! (Spring 2023)

Welcome to Food for All. Many of you stopped by our booth on Tuesday to learn more about our group. We are excited to share our mission of fighting food insecurity on campus with you. 

If you are a returning student, you likely recognize us from our big Impact Week win ($3500 woohoo!), our recognition for the Values in Action award, the Campus Food exchange, swipe drive, and our COVID food deliveries.

To better explain what Food for All is accomplishing on campus, we are hosting our first interest meeting NEXT WEDNESDAY 2/1/23 at 6:00! Come have some snacks and leave with a new FFA buddy. Location is TBA!!! (update 1/31/23: location is Boswell Hall 1)

If you were anything like me my freshman year, you likely signed up for 30 clubs and are being swamped with club emails now. If you have any inclination towards solving problems on campus, building community, and doing impactful service, I promise that you’ll find something worthwhile through the FFA community. We are also looking for new executive members, so there is a potential to grow within the club! 

Please feel free to reach out if you have any questions! 

P.S. Some helpful links:

Follow our instagram: @Foodforallwm

Join our GroupMe:

Here is the link to volunteer at the Food Exchange: